Raye Roes

RayeRoesI am a well traveled Grandma, Artist and Writer. My art spans watercolor, acrylic, oils , fiber art and Jewelry making. My art has been fine tuned by my teachers, Jan Foss in Watercolor, Howard Rees Watercolor and Oils, Tom Gilbertson Watercolor and Gregory Kondos Oils. I owe so much to their patience and inspiring me to try harder.

Jewelry making started with my love for natural stones that I find around Lake Tahoe such as Quartz crystals, Agates, Carnelians and occasionally, Jade. I use the prettiest beads I can find then crochet and knit them to make unique and stunning designs, Buttons and found objects may also be incorporated.

My art is for sale at various prices or a giclee copy. Jewelry is also for sale. My website is Delectations.co