Paul Holden

I have been designing and crafting jewelry since the early 1990’s. I became interested after a friend who did beading as a hobby gave me an odd assortment of beads she didn’t care enough about to sort. I made a choker for myself and wore it the next day, and was surprised and delighted by the favorable reaction of other people to my new artistic venture.

I was instantly hooked. Today I work out of a studio in my home in Carmichael, California, where my life partner tolerates (barely) what he regards as the chaos of beads, thread, needles and tools blanketing the benches and floors and spilling out of the studio through much of the rest of the house.

More than a hobby or a business, making jewelry is a passion. It’s in my blood and I need to do the work every day, even taking a portable version of the chaos with me when I’m away from home. Crafting jewelry puts me in a calm, meditative state that often induces a feeling akin to bliss.

I never know what I’m going to make until a particular color or texture catches my attention and I sit down and start playing with it. My mind goes on autopilot and my hands take over, and I’m often surprised to see what my hands give birth to.
The satisfaction and contentment I feel in the creation of each piece is reinforced when I see others wear and enjoy BEING SEEN with it as much as I enjoyed making it. Some artists have difficulty parting with their work, but my attachment extends only as far as my desire to see others enjoy it, because my focus has already moved on to the possibilities of the next design combination of colors and materials. I hope you enjoy the result as much as I enjoy the process!

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