Marisela Vasquez 

marisela5Marisela loves cartoons and color! She has been drawing since the young age of two years old and started painting at the age of seventeen. Her role models have always been Matt Groening and Bob Montana because they are very successful cartoonists. Their cartoons inspired her to create her very own characters and comic books.

As a Sacramento native, she recently graduated from California State University, Sacramento in Psychology and Spanish. Additionally, she aspires to pursue a M.A degree in Spanish because she has a passion for the language and education. Learning is a large part of her life and she would enjoy seeing other people learn as well.

Even though Marisela enjoys life, it has not always been easy for her. When she was sixteen years old, she was struck by a moving vehicle that was going 40 mph. Her left femur was broken in half, six of her teeth were broken, and there was road burns all over her body. Although, she did not give up on life. To this day, the constant nerve pain from her left hip down to above her knee is a large obstacle for her, but it does not stop her from living life. Thankfully, art is a way for her to express any thought or feeling she has.