Juan Garcia

juanJuan Garcia is a Sacramento local artist who dabbles in mixed media. Juan took couple classes in art, but mostly was self-taught, learned through books, magazines, other artists, videos, etc. He began his journey by drawing Cruella De Ville and Ursula, which he then found his niche. His biggest inspirations are from Disney, cartoons, fairytales and true beauty.
          Beauty-fully Made in Dark Wonderland was born three years ago, when he started to work on art as a hobby, and a stress reliever. As time goes by he continues to develop and grow his art and his art techniques. His friends and family began to purchase some of pieces and then he realized that he could sell his art through craft fairs, internet, and galleries.
          Not only he likes to create Disney inspired art, but he also likes to dabble in fashion, as he shown some couture wardrobe in his art with fabric as one of his mediums creating a 3D effect. He wants to continue in creating fairy tale art pieces, bringing other imaginative characters to life, and even possibly challenge himself into adding more dolls to his collection.

For further details on the artist, his art, jewelry, stationary, paintings and more please visit his website and online store at: mydarkwonderland.squarespace.com