Erin Billingsley Burgman

1Like looking into a mirror with your eyes closed her work is an imagined reflection that begins inward. Exploring the idea of how trauma affects both the physiological as well as the psychological being. There is often an element of time within the work that speaks to the healing process, to growth and to change. She works to blend cliche ideas with imagery that combine the idea of emotion with the physicality of the body or referencing the body. There is a tapping into a sense of sentimentality or nostalgia by collecting found items to incorporate into the work. The idea of transformation is important not only with the material in her work, but in concept as well. You will often see a repetitive or meditative aspect to her process while creating. To transform psychologically is tenuous and secretive and can be momentous a task and scars can be unseen.
Erin has lived in Northern California all her life. She has a Masters Degree in Installation and Sculpture from California State University Sacramento and currently lives in the area with her husband and two children. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, solo, group and juried. She has earned both the Increase Robinson Memorial Fellowship and the Raymond W. And Joyce Witt Scholarship and her work has been featured in several local publications.For further information you can visit her website at