Dena McKitrick

dena-mckitrick“I recognize guidance by the joy it imparts in my heart.”
Forged to Play with the Muses
When art extracts significance from our unique experiences, presenting it in some tangible form for our inspiration, exploration, amusement, or enjoyment, we may find resonance with it. Equally true for the artist as for the viewer. 
Born and raised in California, Dena was the eldest child in a family that moved at least once a year, every year. They moved from city to country and back again, from lean-to into mansion and tract home into tent. While each of us walk unique paths in life, Dena has drawn deeply from her extraordinary mixture of life 
experiences and social diversity. 
Her creative journey threads through this diversity. Informed and empowered by it, she has explored many artistic media and creative endeavors, including: sculpture, painting, drawing, dance, voice, earth ceremony, graphic arts, 
photography, illustration, and writing.
Dena is passionate about living a purposeful life, and dedicated to living her mission: “To act as a catalyst for growth and healing by providing a clear channel for love, light, joy and creative expression.” This speaks of the intuition, presence, devotion, compassion, courage and love that she brings to each piece. These are the essential ingredients of her work. 
Of course, the visual structure is evident, built primarily on elements of color, form, value, and balancing principles of emphasis, contrast and unity. Still, these aesthetic 
qualities exist as a result of, and in service to, the spiritual foundation – her mission – upon which they were built.
She holds a B.A. and a M.A. in art from CSU Chico, 
community college credentials in Art and Related 
Technologies, English, and Dance, and an assortment of awards and recognitions. 
“Every moment of life is a gift!”
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