Craig Dresang

Craig DresangI am a northern California artist who grew up under the generous skies and open spaces of rural Wisconsin, and near the endless shores of Lake Michigan. As a result, my work often searches for a wide open place in the human spirit—a space where there is room for both the past and future and a horizon that is big enough to house the hopes, thrills, and anxieties of day-to-day life. Beneath the surface, both my painting and writing explore paths between the spiritual and physical, the simple and complex, and between completeness and absence. Often, my paintings try to capture the exhilarating, and sometimes serene, energy found in coastal environs across the country. For me, painting with oils is adventurous. Oils allow the painting to evolve as a result of editing, blending and experimentation—much like life itself.

My work appears regularly on television and movie sets including Modern Family, Chicago Fire, Chicago MD, Grace and Frankie, The Dark Knight Rises, and Brooklyn. As an artist and arts educator, I was previously appointed by the Governor of Illinois to serve as a panelist and judge for the Illinois Arts Council’s Arts-In-Education Residency Program, and served as Chair of the Cultural Arts Commission for the City of Elgin.