Angela Tannehill

20170110-_MG_5228SQI am a mixed-media artist and graphic designer based in Sacramento, California. I am a self-employed “designer for do-gooders”, providing services to non-profits and others doing good for their community.

I love cut and paste. I blend textural fields with representational elements from old magazines and books. I combine these with handmade papers, and beautifully-dyed origami paper, intensely saturated in rich colors. These are most often layered over acrylic paint on either canvas or wood. I finish with translucent layers of paint to enhance or knock back certain elements to achieve the depth I’m looking for.

I enjoy finding connections between seemingly disparate entities. I am particularly drawn to water and nature themes, but my work almost always contains a wide variety of elements co-existing in unlikely combinations. Sometimes the connection is metaphorical, sometimes it’s symbolic, sometimes it’s just color, texture, or form. At its best, it’s singing harmoniously on all levels.

When, I have an idea for a piece, I try to hold it loosely in my head. I let it fall to the back of my mind while I sift through a mass of images cut from magazines or books, and put them together in ways that feel right. It’s a little like orchestrating a dream; one that requires interpretation after the fact. And I often find I’ve created something that is more a reflection of what’s really going on in my subconscious, than any idea I had to start with. Sometimes, and more interesting for me, the meaning isn’t clear but I have the sense that if I keep trying, I’ll figure it out.

I believe we’re all equipped with a similar internal, visual language. It’s my hope the viewer will find a personal meaning of their own… or delight in the knowledge that it’s there, if just out of reach.

Read my feature article in the June 2017 Issue of SubMerge Magazine.