Exhibit Schedule

  • August – Pop!! (submissions closed). Fun, engaging, colorful, revelatory,
    opinionated, racy and stunning expose of modern Pop Art!
  • September – Living Wild (submissions closed). A community favorite as our artists capture the whimsy and spirit of our animal friends.
  • October – Thrown, Blown & Cast (submissions close September 30th) . Featuring local gems in ceramic, clay, glass and casted works.
  • November – Moments With the Masters (consignments are accepted until October 1st). Back by popular demand limited edition works on consignment from the Great Masters such as Warhol, Peter Max, Kondos. Own a piece of history.
  • December – Postcards on the Edge (submissions close November 25). Accessible art the size of a postcard! Grab a masterpiece for only $40


  • January – Stained Glass. A showcase of local glass masters
  • February – Send in the Clowns. The whimsy of our comical friends
  • March – Conversations in Abstract
  • April – 12th Annual Spring Flowers
  • May – 20/20 Show. Twenty top artists with 20 different themes in all media.. Jury closes March 5th . Please see 20/20 tab for details
  • June – TV Classics. Your favorites TV shows from Bonanza to I dream of Jeanie!
  • July – Triumphant Trees
  • August – Oceans Alive. Visit the Coral Reefs, the shores of Hawaii and the CA Coast in a day, an underwater exploration
  • September – Feathers and Tails
  • October – Monsters and Mayhem
  • November – Water Stained. An expose of Watercolor Masters
  • December – Let it Snow
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