20/20 Exhibit

Kennedy Gallery Art Center
20/20 Show 2017 Guidelines & Requirements

Kennedy Gallery Art Center is now accepting applications for the 2017 20/20 show

We have only 20 spots selected per year but you could be one of our twenty prestigious artists! Each artists picks their own theme, produces at 8×8” sample piece to submit along with their application and a $25 jury fee. You can also submit additional ideas for just $10 more along with a separate application and sample panel. Good luck to you and we are thrilled to have with us on our jury again the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission and renown fashion designer Rory Castillo.

One of Sacramento’s most prestigious group shows had its beginning with its creator Joanie Ferry at the 20th Street Gallery. Kennedy Gallery was selected to continue its legacy after the 20th Street Gallery retired. Joanie has continued to oversee the exhibit and awards our Best in Show, 2nd , 3rd and Honorable Mention ribbons. We have had great acclaim throughout the community for the diversity and quality of the works presented. It is our most popular annual show and we are glad to have you submit for 2017. Great luck artists and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the submission process.

All submissions are due to Kennedy Gallery by Wednesday March 3, 2017.

Download application here: 2020-application-2017

Michael Misha Kennedy
Kennedy Gallery